Continuously Modify

Continuously Modify

by Ray Stasieczko September 04, 2018

“If you are forced to change you waited too long and should have Modified along the way.”

Well, everything must end or at least it gets depleted. We have all found ourselves saying. “What do you mean that doesn't exist anymore.”

 “Customers buy outcomes; the means to their achievement always modifies.”

Today we must Constantly Modify. If you're forced to change you waited too long. The marketplace customers either of business to business or business to the consumer are modifying quickly and those waiting for the right time to change will prove they can't tell time. The most overused and meaninglessly three words in business “We Love Change.” And most who say it can’t even park in a different spot at the office parking lot without a meltdown. More organizations and industries are refusing to evolve through modification and find themselves being forced to change missing out on the opportunities to align with their evolving customers. Many of today’s customers’ are modifying much quicker than those who used to service them.

 “Looking where the customers are going always proves to be much more valuable than looking to maintain where customers currently are.”

The world of commerce has no patience for accepting tired or outdated ways. Your customers never thought it was up to them to accept your outdated ways for your survival. The options available today as replacements to-old static deliverables are more and more plentiful from the disrupter.

Today many products remain as they were, however, their market disruption comes from a different competitor who innovates the products delivery. Disrupters who change the game. Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Airbnb to name a few. The question is who is coming for you or your industry? I suggest it should be you.

“Sometimes thinking that people will always use your product could be correct, however, temporary. The real threat is someone new delivering your product completely different than you, and creating a better customer experience.”  

The new competitor today is comprised of teams who don’t even understand what needing buy-in means. The new competitors or the old competitors who are constantly modifying both have teams that understand nothing is sacred unless the customer says it's sacred and they are not afraid to ask.

Innovative organizations understand that relevancy is a constant journey, not a destination and they will always welcome the customer of the old way on their journey.

Most who follow business news have heard the talk of Dunkin Donuts taking Donuts from their name. I believe that is genius. Dunkin Brands gets it. They do not intend to be held hostage by a stubbornness to modify like so, many we see fading away.

Obviously, Dunkin' leadership has the courage to Modify their deliverable including their name. I don’t think Dunkin' management teams are meeting in the conference room talking about how they must save yesterday’s value. Instead, they are focused on delivering the value that today’s customers defined. At the same time, Dunkin' is focusing on what they see in the future and bringing it to their present.

Constant Modification takes the willpower of strong teams. Teams who can look in new places with open minds will always surprise those who remain in yesterdays landscape.

"Status Quo is the killer of all that will be invented."

R.J. Stasieczko 

Ray Stasieczko
Ray Stasieczko


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