The Communist Tourist, Knowing Their Home Is In The Land Of The Free!

The Communist Tourist, Knowing Their Home Is In The Land Of The Free!

by ray stasieczko July 02, 2023

The Communist Tourist, Knowing Their Home Is In The Land Of The Free!  

It is hard to imagine that anyone living in and benefiting from the free world would fight for something so outrageous as the merits of communism. Or remain silent in hopes that no one defines them as complicit.  

Recently the Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) Banned Ninestar, a Peoples' Republic of China (PRC) company. The ban was in response to the Ughurs Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), Of course, in Communist China, we all should understand this, all PRC companies are obligated to the communist government – The Dictator! Remember, there is zero freedom in communist countries led by dictators. 

This recent banning by DHS of Ninestar, Lexmark's owners, and eight of its subsidiaries have raised many global concerns for the print equipment and services industry and all industries tied to PRC companies.

I find great irony in reading articles or hearing folks discussing this #DHS banning of Ninestar Corporation when the author or commentator is supporting the CCP while at the same time enjoying all the benefits of the free world. 

When these CCP promoters have a home far from the Xinjiang internment camps where the Chinese Communist Party conducts forced labor practices. It seems ridiculous to conclude they are genuine rather than paid propagandist.

I am sure as these tourist residents of China in deciding where to one day retire. The actions of the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party (CCP) play a role in the decision to run back to the free lands of home.

Does the CCP even let its people or visitors move anywhere in China they wish and build a home to retire? I am betting all the tourists visiting China for a couple of days or on a ten-year visa wake up happy - every day knowing they are free!

It is easy for some to promote a way of life they have no intention of living. It also seems too easy for all those folks working in the free world for the Ninestar subsidiaries or other PRC-banned entities to sit in silence or, worse, gaslight the realities regarding their connections to these banned PRC companies. Something I believe Lexmark, a Ninestar Corporation subsidiary, continues doing daily.

I am surprised by how well the CCP has manipulated the common sense of those working for PRC subsidiaries in the free world.

As China gobbled corporations outside their borders, I believe they bet entirely on the workers' insecurities within these free world subsidiaries.  

It seems there's a flaw in capitalism. That flaw is the thinking that collecting money is more important than standing up against those writing the checks. 

When something triggers an awakening to something either ignored or subdued, one must muster the resolve to exit the comfort that often comes with denial.

The actions of the CCP over the last few years should cause all of us to evaluate exactly what position we will take against communism and authoritarian governments and their dictators.   

There is no easy answer to decoupling from PRC entities; however, what this DHS ban regarding Ninestar and other PRC entities has exposed may be a more significant crisis for all democracies.

Those who benefit through capitalism in democratic societies are betting that their denial of admitting the fundamental goals of the CCP will provide them comfort just a little longer. Unfortunately, comfort is easily disrupted, as all realize - when the alarm goes off during a great dream, a dream one wishes would have continued. 

There's nothing good about communism, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

I hear the argument that China brought 400 million people out of poverty and moved them to the bigger cities where they now have great factory jobs. Factories where they live-in dormitories! So, the commute after a 15-hour day is a simple walk across the campus. 

I argue for democracy because democracy is where I live and one day will die. I believe those who argue the merits of communism can not be taken seriously if they are, in fact, only tourists visiting from the land of the free.

Ray Stasieczko

Host of The End Of The Day With Ray!

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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