The Silence Of Complacency Is Deafening!

The Silence Of Complacency Is Deafening!

by ray stasieczko June 18, 2023

The Silence Of Complacency Is Deafening!
The last ten days have completely validated one of the industry's most significant deficits (the complacency within the industry's consultants, media, and analysts).

Is it time to reevaluate the industry's collection of redundant organizations waiting to copy and paste the same information? That approach seems entirely dysfunctional for an industry searching for its reinvention.

Many industry friends have reached out over the last week. They are disturbed regarding the lack of media attention to the industry's most significant story in decades regarding Lexmark owner Ninestar Corporation

My answer to the industry is this: Our industry does not have media or analyst firms. Instead, our industry continues proving what I and others have described as copy/paste analysts and brochure writers.

The proof is simple. Since Lexmark and Ninestar Corporation have not shared anything, the industry's media has nothing to copy and paste!

The lack of material substance in what we have seen in some of the industry's blogs confirms the need for more skills and effort in their deliverables.

Our industry can do better!

Where are the voices of the so-called consultants or industry experts? Where are all the award-winning influencers?

Maybe now is the time the industry stopped awarding itself without the merits of the work!

Some of our industry friends are great at describing themselves as thought leaders; however, you have yet to hear what they think!

The lack of substance in original thought and the apparent weakness in discussing or starting those much-needed discussions are astonishing.

When the entire industry's media is obsessed in only discussing what people what to hear or what they believe they are allowed to say, those they think are being helped are instead being deceived.

My advice to an industry seeking relevance is this: Don't go shopping when hungry for dessert, or you will fill the cart with ice cream and sweets, all the stuff you like, and forget the food you need for balanced nutrition.

Also, when searching for relevance, never take advice from someone insecure about their place in the future, or everything they teach you will be about how to remain temporarily comfortable in a dysfunctional present.

When shopping for food, it's about proper nutrition. It's about a cart with everything. Some stuff you love, some things you can't stand but need, and some stuff you never bought before.

Many of our industry's media, analysts, consultants, and old-timers are convincing the industry that they only need a cart full of desserts. 

Our industry's actors must seek the nutrition they need, exercise their good judgment, and never fall victim to the temporary comfort in complacency. It's time to shake up the industry's media and analysts.

"Status quo is the killer of all that will be invented."

Ray Stasieczko  

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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