Does The Agenda - Spell Out Irrelevant?

Does The Agenda - Spell Out Irrelevant?

by ray stasieczko December 10, 2022

We all know it's through an acceptance of the reality that gives birth to a new direction. But unfortunately, those with insecurity while creating their agendas will look back to their memories instead of looking forward based on ingenuity, imagination, and vision. 


"Wisdom is not about what one remembers; wisdom is the ability to foresee because you remembered."

The real threat to true innovation is when those clamoring for a better way waste time incorporating the old way into their architectural plans for the future. Believing the old way must be included in the new way or buy-in is impossible. I say, bullshit!

Over the last couple of years, we have seen those architects attempting to design some of the industry's diversifications, such as eCommerce, Managed IT services, Cyber Security Services, and other needed diversifications. Through a pacifying process over a process built from reality.

These architects are probably not intentionally helping to build something which will surely fall. Instead, they are more comfortable interacting with complacency over causing the disruptions needed for change.

Many are fooling themselves that getting buy-in through compromising reality in favor of propagating fantasies is the best approach.   

Those who waste time building things by the directions of those attempting to save things will merely create a new version of irrelevance and accomplish nothing.

One of the reasons innovative teams pound the old way to oblivion. They don't waste time seeking what's comfortable; they instead seek what's relevant regardless of the temporary discomfort in getting there. These teams also understand that discomfort is the tuition paid for success.  

Unfortunately, many looking to build a new future are more content if the architect is willing to draw in what's comfortable over designing what's needed to support the realities of the new structure.

Think about the industry's quest towards e-commerce and some of the insanity in that quest. I thought it would be beneficial to list out some of that insanity. Here are a few things worthy of mentioning.  

1) The e-com site being constructed on the foundation of the 1980 copier encyclopedia, which no one reads anymore. 

2) We have seen the industry highlight in testimonials how easy it is for sales reps to interact with online buyers, ignoring the reality that online buyers don't want to be bothered. 

3) We have seen some in the industry promoting and awarding (DCA)technology as e-commerce platforms. But, without clarifying, do they even have customers?  

4) We see OEMs promote e-commerce leaders from the trenches of yesterday's street sellers who appear to be more focused on getting buy-in from the status quo over building something relevant. 

5) We see eCommerce websites where the buyer's journey quickly turns from a click buy now to a quest in filling out forms.

6) Some in the industry believe eCommerce sites should be calendars to set appointments for in-person selling. 

7) Some are building consortiums of eCommerce experts with zero eCommerce success. 

8) Some are changing the name of eCommerce; hopefully, this is based on naivety over arrogance. Are they thinking that changing the name of the world's largest industry will help guide them to success? 

I hope my friends will stop their obsession with seeking something comfortable as they reinvent their businesses.  

When I think about all the things dealers need to do to transition, I never think about the temporary comfort in false gratitude or appeasement as a worthy contribution.

Sadly, too many in the industry are more concerned with winning stupid awards than the concerns needed to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. The commoditization of recognizing accomplishment is getting beyond ridiculous. 

Our industry must hold its accolades accountable because it is quickly becoming a collection of uncountability, and unaccountability is where obsolescence takes root.

Ray Stasieczko 

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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